A few years back, video was announced as the hot marketing trend for the upcoming year. It seems video has some staying power, as it is still one of the best forms of media for garnering engagement, building community, and increasing conversions.

One of the key reasons is surely the ease with which video content can be created. Video content production used to be relegated to Fortune 500 businesses with big marketing budgets. Now, there may be value in creating high-res, well-produced video for certain projects and applications. However, today’s technology and skills to create short videos for informational, educational, entertainment, and promotional purposes is so readily accessible, it has leveled the playing field for SMBs.

And good video content doesn’t necessarily require you to be on screen. While that type of video is effective, there are other types of video that are equally so. A few examples:

  1. Explainer Videos – products or services are explained, with branding bookmarking the content and a strong call to action (“visit our website” or “call us at…”) at the end. These videos can consist of animation, dynamic text, static images, or video clips, with or without music and/or voiceover talent.
  2. Demos or tutorials – generally used for product-related how-to videos, demos can be quick and easy and can generate a lot of views
  3. Customer testimonials – record customer testimonials and share them on your website and via social media. You could also use a still photo of the project you completed for your customer with a text overlay containing the customer’s testimonial. User-generated content is not only less taxing on you from a resources perspective, but it also tends to be some of the most engaging and trusted content you can share.
  4. Did you know? – you know so much about what you do, and chances are that you take all that knowledge for granted. Share it via video, one little tidbit at a time. Home owners will find these videos valuable.
  5. Drone video – many home construction and home service businesses could benefit from creating drone video to give viewers a bird’s eye view of a project. Often, a static image, or even video taken from ground level, does not give as good an overview on project results as you’d like. Drone video can not only provide aerial views before, during, and after projects, but it may be able to assist you with assessing project scope before you even send customers a quote.

So, are you ready to make video part of your marketing strategy? If so, dive in. You have the technology you need to start creating video right away. If you’d like some direction to ensure you get off on the right foot, reach out to us here at Truss Marketing. We can help you create a comprehensive marketing strategy that’s not only realistic for your business, but highly effective.